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The Chiron Hub offers all creative psychotherapies for all who are in need of help. Based at the Kindrogan Somerville School, the Hub provides a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive environment staffed with registered Creative Psychotherapists who specialise in the therapeutic support of those who have experienced childhood trauma.

Creative Psychotherapies

Creative Psycotherapies inlcude Dance Movement, Drama, Music and Art as a form of psychotherapy where creative processes are used to express our internal world and emotional states.

It is found to be particularly helpful in early childhood trauma and in cases where putting feelings into words is difficult.


The cost for an individual session is £100, these last 1 hour. This price includes support for the accompanying guardian/carer/parent and the professional network surrounding the child.

The cost of groups can be arranged individually depending of the requirements of the group.


As experts in the field of childhood trauma and recovery, we wish to share our knowledge and experience in any way that will help.

eco psychotherapy

We recognise the inherently healing properties of spending time in nature. Utilising our rural setting, we provide therapeutic experiences within the natural environment in groups or individually within the protective bounds of the therapeutic relationship.

Guardian support

At the Chiron Hub we know that a successful and enduring healing journey includes all those around the child, and so we always work in partnership with and support the Guardian of the child simultaneously.


We offer training on understanding childhood trauma. This can take the form of individually tailored workshops or events, specific issues based focus groups, or Continual professional development sessions.

Where are we

We are part of the therapeutic services of the Kindrogan School.

The Kindrogan Somerville School



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